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This is how we proceed in dealing :
  • Initially we visit your site and try to understand your view as to why the system is to be installed with all its application.
  • Secondly we take careful measurements of your site with all considerations like the kind of functions to be held, the number of people to be addressed etc.
  • Thirdly we calculate the acoustical values of your site to ensure proper reproduction of sound in the most melodies form.

After all this we design a system giving you details like
  • The power required ( in wattage ),
  • No. of speakers,
  • No. of amplifiers with wattage,
  • Microphone / With the type needed,
  • Speaker Cables,
  • Microphone Cable,
  • List of available brands ( To match your budget )
  • And once you select the brands and give us green signal, we start the process of supply and installation of the system. 
  • When the installation & commissioning of the sound reinforcement system is complete, we train your personal for proper  Operation & Maintenance.